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Sexy lingerie, sexy you...

Very Revealing Lingerie

Lingerie that Sensually Reveals and Teases

Lingerie can vary anywhere from full length outfits to skimpy, barely there items. Many kinds of very revealing lingerie are available for those wanting a more risqué look.

Types of Revealing Lingerie


Sheer material produces revealing lingerie through its see-through qualities. You can have a full robe-style piece on that is still very revealing because it shows everything through it. On the other hand, you can have sheer bra and panties which cover little but show a lot. You can combine sheer and opaque fabrics to reveal parts you want but hide the parts you don’t want shown.

Low Cut and High Rise

Very low cut tops will reveal you in very tempting ways. Pair a low cut top with high rise panties for a sensual view of your body. Teddy lingerie can combine these cuts perfectly. Or try a push up corset with thong underwear.

Open Cup

To leave little to the imagination, open cup lingerie gives a peek to the goods. Bras or lingerie tops can have an open cup area which shows a portion of the bust. These are tantalizing pieces which will definitely heat up the night.

Open Bust

Take things one step further with open bust lingerie. Nothing is hidden on top with these varieties.

Fishnet Lingerie Reveals Much

An alternative to sheer, fishnet style lingerie covers you with threads, literally. The material is made up of stretchy threads woven into a kind of sparse fabric. The skin to thread ratio is pretty high, and the look is teasingly hot.

Some types of lingerie are generally more revealing than others. Teddies and babydolls show a lot of leg. Corsets and bustiers show off the shoulder and upper chest area. Chemises are flowing but emphasize the shoulders and legs.