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F Cup Lingerie

Hard to Find Lingerie with F Cup Sizing

Finding F cup lingerie can sometimes be a challenge. By looking at the sizes on the shelves of mall lingerie stores, one might think that all bras and lingerie cup sizes are only A to DD. Larger busted women may get frustrated by the lack of f cup sizes available.

Unfortunately, f cup lingeries is not generally carried by regular lingerie stores in malls. It may be necessary to find a specialty lingerie shop which carries larger sizes. A little bit of searching can be very rewarding, as larger sized shops will often carry a wide variety of f lingerie.

If you can’t find any f sizes, look for EE cups. Generally a double letter size is equivalent to the next letter size up, and a triple letter is two sizes up:

Cup Sizing Equivalent Chart

DD = E cup
EE = F cup = DDD

Sizing is not always consistent between brands, as you probably already know all too well. One well known bra and lingerie store has sizing which is one whole size larger than most other stores. We can only guess why – perhaps they believe it makes women feel better to think they are larger than they thought?

Trial and error is the best way to find what F bra sized lingerie or equivalent size fits you.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 11 January 2009 )